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Kelly Cairns has been a corporate, real estate, and energy & resources lawyer for more than 20 years including 15 years as in-house counsel for two large, publicly-traded, Canada-based multinational companies.  He has both practiced law in, and managed the business affairs of, organizations that range in size from small start-ups to divisions of large, complex, publicly-traded international companies.  His corporate expertise includes:

 Corporate law (incorporations, share structures, shareholder agreements);

Commercial law (wide range of contracts and business problems);

 Business development (joint ventures with domestic and foreign business partners in the high tech, manufacturing, and energy fields);

Real Estate law (conveyances, mortgages, easements, subdivisions);

Energy (including alternative energy and carbon trading), resource development, environmental law, and water rights;

Research and development (technology development);

International marketing and sales in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia;

Guiding publicly traded companies;

Mr. Cairns has lived and worked in the B.C. Interior, Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary.  He augments his legal expertise with extensive business management experience and credentials.  Mr. Cairns enjoyed senior management and executive assignments of increasing responsibility during his corporate career, received his MBA from the University of Calgary, and serves on the Board of Directors of Crown Corporation BC Transit.  

Mr. Cairns brings a customer-centred, personal service philosophy to his practice and is focused on helping his clients achieve financial and competitive success.  He practices exclusively in four areas of the law – Corporate/commercial, real estate, energy & natural resources, and the wealth management, wills and estates requirements of his business and real estate clients.

Like many modern professionals, Mr. Cairns has incorporated his practice.  Cairns Law Corporation is a partner in the firm Thomas Butler LLP (Limited Liability Partnership).


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