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Mr. Cairns helps corporate clients compete in an increasingly competitive world.  He handles incorporations, contracts, negotiations, and a wide variety of commercial issues. Of particular note are his:

  • expertise in international trade, business development, and technology;
  • business skills;
  • experience with publicly traded companies; and
  • preference for plain language over legalese.

Business law, or corporate/commercial law, is a phrase often used by lawyers to describe the wide variety of legal work that companies must attend to in the normal course of business. Although every industry and company has its unique characteristics, a majority of the “business law” issues encountered by companies can be quite similar because they arise out of very similar sets of working relationships into which companies inevitably enter, such as those with

  • customers
  • business partners
  • employees
  • shareholders
  • lenders
  • suppliers, and
  • government regulators

These relationships are governed by agreements, laws and regulations that interact with each other and change from time to time.  We strive to simplify your life by navigating through this complexity and freeing you up to concentrate on competing successfully in your industry.

Mr. Cairns’ international experience includes importing, exporting, transportation and distribution, foreign sales agents and offices, export and credit insurance, hedging and derivatives, risk management, and joint ventures.

His business development expertise comes from drafting and negotiating numerous complex joint ventures and other business agreements.

His technology expertise was developed while providing legal services to Teck Cominco’s two research and development centres near Toronto and in Trail, B.C.  The technology sectors covered include manufacturing, recycling, environmental science, photovoltaics, construction materials, agriculture, power generation, electrolytics and semi-conductors.

Lastly, Mr. Cairns’ 15 years of in-house experience with publicly-traded companies enables him to guide the affairs of public companies.


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