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Mining and Refining

Mr. Cairns’ expertise in mining and refining stems from almost 15 years as a lawyer and business manager with Teck Cominco in Trail, Toronto, and Vancouver.  His focus is from mine to market and includes such areas as transportation & international distribution, refining & tolling, research & development, environmental compliance, marketing & sales, trading, derivatives & currency, as well as risk management and credit.  In addition to attending to the usual variety of commercial law issues common to companies, specific areas of his mining and refining expertise include:

  • Refining and tolling agreements
  • Concentrate sales agreements
  • Transportation of raw materials
  • Procurement of services and supplies
  • Construction contracts
  • Financing and credit agreements
  • Natural gas supply contracts
  • Water licensing
  • Export licensing
  • Land use and real estate
  • Environmental compliance
  • Commodity trading/risk management
  • Hedging and swap agreements
  • Sales contracts
  • Importing and export
  • Customer service agreements
  • International distribution
  • New business development and joint ventures


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